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Professional and experienced car shipping services from the UK

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We are one of the UK’s premier international car shipping companies with operations staff having a vast range of experience in shipping all types of transport cargo including motorhomes and caravans, yachts and boats, trucks, motorbikes, tractors and trailers.

Container ships leave the UK weekly and we offer competitive shipping rates for all worldwide destinations. Futhermore, we can provide advice on import regulations and customs requirements.

We are registered and approved UK customs brokers and provide approved UK and overseas customs clearance formalities. All vehicles are insured for transportation.

Shared container shipping for cars

Introducing the revolutionary R-Rak shipping system for safe and secure loading of cars into containers. Now available on many of our routes, this unique racking allows us to load 4 cars into a 40ft container and pass on the savings to you.

This insurance approved system of shipping cars has now been adopted by many of the world’s largest car manufacturers. Another advantage to this method is, unlike RoRo, you can now ship spares or personal effects inside your car. Now, that can have some serious cost savings to you if you are moving home too!

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