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International Shipping

Sea Freight Services

What are the benefits of shipping?

  • Shipping is best for long haul destinations if you are not in a hurry
  • Shipping is best for larger quantities of cargo

Whether you are shipping your entire household or simply a few key items, we offer a cost-effective sea freight service to many international destinations. Our friendly team will assist every step of the way, making your move plain sailing. With the majority of vessels leaving every week, we ensure your effects are loaded shortly after collection. Our advanced IT systems track your shipment and our overseas agents ensure excellent service at destination.

There are two types of sea freight:

Full container load service

Depending on the size of your shipment, you may find a 20-foot or 40-foot steel container is the best option for your move. On most occasions these containers are loaded at your residence, then transported by road to be loaded onto a departing vessel. The contents of an average three-bedroom house fill a 20ft container, while larger moves may require a 40ft container. We can also provide a service using a 40ft-high cube container for those extra large moves, or any combination of containers.

We offer various options suited to your needs and budget:

• Professional export packing and loading of the container

• Supply of the container for you to pack and load

Baggage Shipping & Groupage/Shared Container Service

Perhaps you only have a few items to send and not your entire household. The shared container is the best option for you. Your effects would be collected from your residence and taken to a depot. At the depot, your goods would be loaded into a large steel container with other consignments heading to the same destination.

We offer various options including:

• Professional export packing

• Supply of packing cartons for you to pack

• Door to door

• Door to handout

• Door to port

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