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How It Works

If you are living outside of the European Union and wish to purchase goods from the UK you are entitled to  have your goods charged to you at the net rate of Value Added Tax (VAT).

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However, it is a complicated business and in so doing British based companies have to prove that the goods have left the United Kingdom and have arrived at the appropriate destination.

Many of these companies have in the past been unable to recover the correct documentation from the freight forwarders or exporters and subsequently they have been left with paying the VAT themselves.

As HMRC allows the companies to take the decision of whether or not to charge VAT on the invoice many companies have chosen to add it on in order to cover themselves. In the event of an overseas customer trying to raise a query with HMRC about the recovery of VAT they will invariably be referred back to the company who raised the original invoice.

This is the nightmare event that most people wish to avoid. Customs and freight documentation connected with a purchase is plentiful and unfamiliar to most customers so it is very possible that some part of the necessary paperwork is either missing or incorrect.

And there lies the problem

No correct paperwork…….no VAT refund.


Here at Worldwide we have a rich heritage of global shipping and freight forwarding. In this respect we are experts at the documentation involved in such complex international transactions.

We have recently opened a section of our business to offer that we will buy these goods on behalf of our clients. In so doing we are entitled to charge the VAT at a zero rate knowing that we can provide all necessary proof of delivery.

As our client all you have to do is source the purchase and tell us how much the purchase price is. We do not put a mark up on this price.

We then arrange to complete the transaction and prepare the paperwork and delivery.

You will be charged a handling fee which will be a percentage of the VAT saving which equates to 35%.

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